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Samantha 38G & Friends II

Video: Samantha 38G & Friends II
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Studio: Sensational Video
The girls with plus pounds are back and they have an all new act! Not only is there hardcore penetration, there's also girl-on-girl fun as well as solo masturbation to top it all off! That's right, the queen of BBW porn is here! That's right, Samantha 38G is back to give you more of her best but this time she's brought with her some of her best friends. These huge asses, gigantic tits, and juicy pussies are just waiting for you to push that play button! Watch as these lovely ladies tackle a huge cock, masturbates with each other and suck dick after dick just for the fuck of it!

Stars: Selena Star, Karen Fischer, Kristi Maxx, Samantha 38G, Angelina Castro, Lexxxi Lockhart, Christian XXX

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24 Hours & Then Retired

Video: 24 Hours & Then Retired
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Studio: D Star Entertainment
Here is some amateur BBW content featuring the two well known for delivering all the titles of this series! After a brief entertaining interview, the two get down to business from cunnilingus, a blow job, missionary, doggy style and cow girl! You know it's real when you see these two and when it's considered amateur!

Stars: Passion Love, Mr. Starr

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BBW Heavy Tits 18

Video: BBW Heavy Tits 18
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Five BBWs take their heavy tits to some thick dicks! They fuck and suck these guys off as hard as they can in hopes that they will also get pounded doubly as decent! The goth-chick, Gloria Foxxx talks dirty to the camera about what she wants done to her. She and her friends here show off that people love them for their folds and that they love getting down and dirty!

Stars: Alexis, Tracy, Kristy, Daphne Daniels, Gloria Foxxx

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Bizarre Practices #6

Video: Bizarre Practices #6
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Studio: MelonJuggler Productions
This is a doctor visit that a woman wouldn't soon forget, especially not when you have a Dr. as sexually deviant as Dr. Art! The insatiable Kore Goddess returns again to Dr. Art's bizarre practice in search of some of that medicine that only he can deliver. His sexually depraved ways are exactly what a sicko like Kore Goddess needs in order to be sexually satisfied. Dr. Art prescribes plenty of bit...discipline and bondage with her massive jugs. He pumps her plump ass full of cock to check her internal temperature and sure enough she is hot! Dr. Art probes her mouth with his hard dick and reminds her that when in doubt, an orgasm and a load of cum can cure anything that ails her.

Stars: Kore Goddess, Dr. Art

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Fat Jugs Anal Love

Video: Fat Jugs Anal Love
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Studio: Sensational Video
This all BBW title is all about big, sexy beautiful babes having their backdoor opened - wide. Mazzeratie Monica, Cotton Candi, Felicia Clover, Sashaa Juggs and Karla Lane can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. More than curves, more than their large, voluptuous chests, they enjoy fucking more than anyone else!

Stars: Karla Lane, Cotton Candi, Mazzeratie Monica, Felicia Clover, Sashaa Juggs

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Hot Sexy Plumpers 39

Video: Hot Sexy Plumpers 39
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Studio: Sensational Video
Check out these 6 scenes of high-quality BBWs from MMF to lesbian and solo-masturbation from the BIGGEST stars in the industry! They can take the hardest fucking and have a better sense of humor than the little twig brat girls! With these asses, who can resist the fantasy!

Plump chicks are fun to fuck unless your friend finds out - and then it becomes absolutely enjoyable. These guys are on the hunt; chubby chasing! They find 8 fantastic plump babes with soft, big bouncy breasts to double-team and fuck for themselves. Tight pussies, big breasts, big ass, and absolutely flexible; a winning combination!

Stars: Hillary Hooterz, Reyna Mae, Samantha38G, Kali Kala Lina, Molly Howard, Karla Lane, Jaylin Germany, Angelina Castro, Juan Largo, Johnny Champ, Tony Rubino, Donny Sims, Asante Stone, Brannon Rhoads

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Cash For Chunkers 8

Video: Cash For Chunkers 8
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Studio: Lethal Hardcore
The famously favorited federal fat fucking program Cash for Chunkers is back, and there are new guys just waiting, ready and willing to give these girls a huge stimulus'd package! Sashaa Juggs' ample backside and huge knockers made her trainer so horny that he couldn't stop himself from getting' a big piece of that action! Sapphire got soaking wet when Christian Examined her 38L titties so she deep throated his dong and begged him to fuck! Marie Leone is a buxom Nubian Princess who loves putting some sugar in her coffee! Star Staxx is a chubby blonde nympho who has never turned down a hard dick! Kacey Parker is a curvy BBW that turned our trainer Scott on so much that he had to get a extra large slice of that ass!

Stars: Kacey Parker, Star Staxx, Sasha Juggs, Marie Leone, Sapphire, Scott Lyons, Christian XXX

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Casting Call Vol. #1

Video: Casting Call Vol. #1
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Studio: D Star Entertainment
By now we know how Mr. Starr does it. He interviews his latest girl, Lacey. She's pretty spontaneous and loves to have sex. She's ready to take his dick in multiple positions. Once Lacey sits on Mr. Starr's cock the two immediately get in to it with Lacey moaning so loud that the neighbors next door can surely hear it. She gets a nice load on her shaved pussy!

Stars: Lacey, Mr. Starr

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BBW Cuties 6

Video: BBW Cuties 6
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Viktoria is a one horny and, not to mention, one hot BBW. She is the cover girl of BBW Cuties 6 and her scene consists of her being able to take it like a BBW can. Loretta, Katy, Karla Lane, Amela, and Poppy all represent their fellow BBW's in this installment. Urbano has yet again produced another scorcher of a film!

Stars: Poppy, Loretta, Karla Lane, Amela, Katy, Viktoria

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Video: Mega-Fett
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Studio: Mega-Film
Big Beautiful White Women are known for sucking dick better, fucking harder and tighter than other girls. In five scenes these ladies take it like today's about to expire! They choose the scrawniest white guys for some reason - watch the size domination while she is made into a super size sex toy in each clip! If they could take it any other way, I'm sure they'd do it. Thank genitals for this fetish kink!

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