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Linda Fox – Dicke Freundschaften

Video: Linda Fox - Dicke Freundschaften
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Studio: Eronite Movie Productions
Fat Booty! Sexy ass Linda Fox and some of her chunky friends are here to tempt and excite you! This movie revolving around thick and older German babes is jam-packed with eight incredibly erotic scenes with plenty of lesbianism, threesomes and dildo play! Featuring Linda Fox, Oma Brunhilde and Big Mama Biggy!

Stars: Linda Fox, Oma Brunhilde, Big Mama Biggy

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Pen Per Ficaccia

Video: Pen Per Ficaccia
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Studio: CentoXCento Italia
These two babes are looking for the perfect perverted night on the town with two raunchy young men capable of pounding their pussies into a submissive state. They do everything and anything to ensure that they achieve their lecherous goal, and each succeed and pulling home to pricks willing to penetrate them over and over again!

Stars: Alice, Francesca, Marco, Alex Magni, Fabio Sacrati

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Charlie And The Beast

Video: Charlie And The Beast
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Charlie Brown fucks this BBW next door in this hot amateur scene from Latino Guys. Charlies gives his huge dick to a chubby red head who obviously loves herself some meat. He gives his all to shoot on her larger than life assets. It takes a big man to handle what this beast has to offer.

Stars: Daisy, Charlie Brown

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She Gets Black And White

Video: She Gets Black And White
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Studio: Sex Box Video
There’s Latina is plump, ripe, and full of curves. She wants to take on not one but two cocks. For her, it’s the best of both worlds! She gives and takes her fair share of dick, getting every hole (except the forbidden one) filled to the brim. Let’s just say she certainly gets her appetite filled!

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Bizarre Practice #4

Video: Bizarre Practice #4
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Studio: MelonJuggler Productions
Doc Art scours the neighborhood looking for his perp, Kore Goddess who he finds is short of cash. Either she cannot afford the money for gas in her car, the clothes she has always wanted or she just loves to play for dollars. But this is not just any Doctor. This is Doc Art, and he does not do vanilla sex for money he uses Kore Goddess to satisfy his bizarre cravings. Sit back, and enjoy and watch what fun you could have for your cash.

Stars: Kore Goddess, Dr. Art

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Big N Busty Club #3

Video: Big N Busty Club #3
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Studio: MelonJuggler Productions
This is the third volume to the series “Big N Busty Club”. Cover model Carol Brown and her big oily tits can be watched in scene three as she masturbates. First Leah Jayne asks her boyfriend how she looks and he can’t wait to put his big black cock into her pussy. Leah Jayne and Dani Armour share a cock in this threesome before they go out on the town. Scene four, Shugar and Kandi Kobain love oil and love to rub their big tits together and also but their tits on that clit. Then see what happens to Busty Tracie when dominant Shereja Rage takes her anger out on her ass.

Stars: Kandi Kobain, Leah Jayne, Shereja Rage, Dani Armour, Busty Tracie, Carol Brown, Shugar

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My Chubby Neighbor

Video: My Chubby Neighbor
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Studio: Sex Box Video
This is Carla’s second scene shooting porn and Will Ravage can’t wait to fondle her nice, big, natural tits. She sucks on his cock a bit outdoors and then they move into the living room so they can fuck and Will really oils up Carla’s tits with oil so that he can play with them. He fucks her shaved pussy and shoots his load on her rack.

Stars: Karla Lane, Will Ravage

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Jenna Loves Black Cocks

Video: Jenna Loves Black Cocks
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Studio: presents "Jenna Loves Black Cock." Jenna is horny and she's waiting on her booty call to arrive. When he does, he gets her into the mood by giving her a nice oily full body massage. Jenna is more than horny now and her guy wastes no time taking off his clothes so she can suck his cock. When he's rock hard, he fucks Jenna just the way she likes, deep stroking her with his thick black cock that she loves so much.

Stars: Jenna

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Fatty Buster 5

Video: Fatty Buster 5
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Studio: MelonJuggler Productions
We are back with more Fatty Busters! There is a whole barrel full of curvy girls with huge tits awaiting you inside! We have a bride with massive tits, two nurses with heavy duty bosoms and fat asses, a sales girl who calls on the wrong house and has her extremely juicy ass whipped and spanked. We have Cherry showing you a novel way of sharpening her pencils. Simone with her massive hooters in the kitchen and finally there’s mature Czech porn star Renatka…These are our Fatty Busters!

Stars: Kelly James, Honey Rox, Cherry (i), Busty Nicole, Renatka, Emily Cartwright

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Love To Be Gangbanged 13

Video: Love To Be Gangbanged 13
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
Quick! Grab the lube, a fresh towel and get ready to get off like never before! It’s time for another gangbang session with the one and only SexyScorpion! She’s a very naughty redheaded Brit with a sexual enthusiasm that simply cannot be rivaled! You get to see why when she performs raunchy acts such as cunnilingus, blowjobs, rimming, double vaginal penetration and let’s not forget her eagerness to be covered in copious amounts of cum!

Stars: Sexyscorpion

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